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CAD Industry is Dying

Who else loves bubbles decision to make it so you have to pay to deploy any new bubbleapps. It effectively kills out the CAD industry! :joy: Oh, I love bubble.

Why don’t thise guys just buy a server space like anybody else wants to put something real on the Internet?

Or, they could out of pocket pay a team of engineers to create an amazingly strong nocode platform that you then host from a raspberry pi server in their bedroom

I don’t know if either solution is realistic, does it matter?

Oh well I personally love the decision. We don’t need any of these annoying free plan CADs that take up space and are 85% broken. CADs that use paid plans such as Overseer, RocketCAD, etc. is all that is needed. If $14/month or even $29/month is too much for someone, they obviously should rethink their plan bc they are not making enough money every month :joy:

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Speaking of which, is the CAD industry a cause or a collateral?