CAD/MDT Development Studios

Hello, I’m Tony V. the head developer and owner at CAD/MDT Development Studios.

I’m currently looking for staff before we sell our products. MUST BE ACTIVE

Looking for

General Manager

  • Responsible for day to day tasks, scheduling, keeping track of activity, compiling weekly sales, Making sure goals are met, answering questions etc.


  • Responsible for assisting the General Manager by compiling sales on a daily basis, keeping track of activity, answering question, Making sure goals are met etc.


  • Responsible for fixing errors, fixing broken cads, making demos, and creating different products for sale.

Sales Team

  • Responsible for handling sales, making sure the customer is happy, being active, logging sales etc.

Partner Managers

  • Responsible for getting the server partnerships with other servers, inviting people, handling partners questions etc.

Entertainment Manager

  • Responsible for hosting giveaways,
    auctions,keeping the chats active etc.

Discord link: