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CAD/MDT Feedback/Free Upon Release

Hello, I’m developing a Cad. Some of the features I plan on are
Ultimate customization
Unlimited Departments
Department Pages Like FBI, Tow, Hitman, etc.
Store System
And much more.

I’m going to be giving this cad out for free backend when it’s released as well as providing support for any bugs. The only terms is you must comment on this forum a suggestion for the CAD as well as your discord. To view the progress of the CAD go here

Email: [email protected]
Password: Demo20

Second account
Email: [email protected]
Password: Demo21

Depending on the amount of features I add this CAD/MDT may take up to 2 months to finish however it should be done by March at the latest. I’ll post updates as I go


Hello, I took a moment to check out your system and I have a couple of suggestions; I believe that every developer should keep in mind two things: User Interface & Function.

While the login page looks nice, the homepage doesn’t - The UI looks messy and could use a haircut :sweat_smile:, now for the departments, I checked the BCSO page; The ability to change the system’s colours is amazing, that’s one of the fewer CAD/MDT(s) that have that option!

It’s best to use the same font for all text elements, so it doesn’t look messy and weird on the eyes.

Feature Suggestions;

  • Person search; Stop the user from clicking the search icon when the search box is empty
  • Reduce the number of moveable elements
  • Centre everything, users such as myself do not enjoy having an element off centre (Triggers OCDs)
  • Fix each page’s height & weight (I suggest 1200x1000) - You don’t want users to scroll sideways in order to see the rest of the page
  • The identifier; have the department selection & the identifier entry visible at the same time (One below the other)

Since this system is unfinished, I couldn’t give so much feedback - If you need help with your system, I run a cad support discord. You’re welcome to join and ask for support or feedback.