CAD/MDT for 24 hour Xbox server

I am currently starting a 24-7 DOJ on xbox. Unfortunately I don’t believe I can do an online service that charges monthly. I do not have the time nor the patience to learn to learn on my own. Maybe if I had a mentor and a template, I have $5 to purchase a template. I am also willing to do some work for a higher quality cad/mdt system and knowledge of the craft. Thank you for your time and consideration.

The features I would like to add include;
Judicial system
Economy system
A store with realistic prices for all gta buyable and non-buyable products provided by the game.

I know it is a lot to ask for however, I can’t help of thinking of new things. And i am willing to set up a payment plan. This is just what i have for the moment.

Hey Daniel. At SARP CAD’s, we have options that would include the features you have included. But to obtain a template with an Economy System and a Judicial System is a bit of a stretch. We’d be willing to sell a template with these at a low price, but maybe not that low. If your budget can stretch a bit wider, feel free to contact us on Discord:

-Collin, SARP CAD’s Owner

Contact me on discord my name is Trooper Infinity#2019

We also give out backend access

Here is one that well be given away

Panic Button
911 Button
11x Departments
3x Sub Divison Departments
Management Panel
Owner Panel
Customize 10 Codes
Account Panel
Patrol Map
New Layout
Sub Divisions
Home Screen
Report Leo
Dept Transfer
Bail Bonds
Community Owner Role
Infinity Network Security System
Gruppe 6 Security
Watch Commander
Keybinds MDT

And also comes with a community applications

Customize Rules
Customize Applications
Admin Panel