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CAD/MDT for Flashing Lights

I need a CAD for RP server but I need it to work with the game Flashing Lights.

Hey there @00playstationorxbox0,

Afterthought System provides a system for multiple communities no matter the platform, we have some FiveM communities, some XBOX communities, Playstation Communities, and Roblox communities. Check us out 14 days risk-free at!

Rogue offers multiple cad systems used by many communities. If you are interested in checking out what we offer please click the links below that pertain to what you are interested in. If you need help please click the discord link so we can further assist you. If you want something custom we also offer a custom build but we charge based off of what you want included in the cad plus the design that you want. If you are on a budget then we have pre built cads that are cheap and easy to use. .

Gen Cad -

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