CAD /MDT for free please!

I have a group in which I need a cad we’ve been a thing for a long time and have been looking for ages If their’s a possibility you can send a cad to us please reply to this topic or contact my email: [email protected] or even contact me on Discord: Kyle B.#1292

I can get you one for free

Ok thanks send me the information on it so I can send you what I need in order for it to be completed

Ok i will

Can you send me one too? My discord is HypnoticDylanplayer#7569

Boosted Hosting has one free CAD you can purchase. It was personally made by the Executive Management team for it, so if you want just contact our CEO about it.

CEO Discord: Isaiah#7146

Where could I find someone willing to make a CAD/MDT for me, note I am not going to pay you sadly but I can get you a staff spot in my RP community as a Developer. Feel free to Email me at:[email protected]