CAD/MDT For Sale | One Time Payment | Cheap

I am selling a CAD/MDT that is easy to use and very reliable for roleplaying, it includes 6 departments that can be customized. It includes Management Panel, and a Panic Button for LEOs. Any further questions just go ahead add me on discord.

Price: $25 One Time payment, that means you only pay once and the backend access for the CAD is completely yours.

Discord Username: John O.#9562

Discord Download Link

Why, just why…

Please make sure to add a demo for the CAD/MDT because no one that is smart is going to buy a CAD/MDT from someone that has no demo and possibly is stealing @codurly @ModernSolutions CAD/MDT.

Thanks in advance.

Joseph / Founder of Lime
(And if you have any question’s on what Lime is make sure to email me at [email protected].)

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