CAD/MDT Giveaway


Creative Here.

Hello; everyone we are doing a give away for a CAD/MDT. We will only have 1 valuable winner. This includes the front end. There is only 4 days of entering. When you join the server, go to #giveaways and click the little party hat emojis.

Are you currently looking for a CAD/MDT, but other people are selling you them? You can get a CAD/MDT system free for your community! If so, you should come to us! We have a fully developed awesome Free CAD along with all of our other paid products!

We have a few terms and conditions which you need to agree to in order to get a cad from us!
Our Discord server is where you can get your cad. The link to it is: ([

^^ Not a Cad Dev. Distributing broken cads with no security. Does not have creators permission to sell these cads. All around just a terrible server. People like you are what broke the cad forum on bubble.