Cad/mdt plz help

I was wondering if anyone could create me a cad/mdt that has all departments on the right hand side and you click which one you are out in your call sign and rank plz I don’t know how lol

Hello quintinwayne16, if you’re looking for a custom CAD/MDT, look no more! I’m the Co-founder of Vexx Distribution and we will make you a custom CAD or you can buy one of our custom public templates! The prices depends of the features you want to do add to your CAD/MDT, you’re also able to get a free 24/7 Support team to help you create your own CAD with all the features you need!

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You are no longer restricted to a specific amount of departments with our cads.
The owner of the CAD/MDT has full control over it and can not be kicked from the cad.
Our products have a new design that are completely user friendly.
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Below are images of our new CAD/MDT. The makeshift Cad.

Hey @quintinwayne16, if you’re looking for customization and affordability in one place, don’t bother looking anywhere else. Read more about us below :point_down: COME ON DOWN TO WILD DESIGNS!