CAD/MDT problem

So my problem is that i’m making my own CAD/MDT but i have a problem i want to calculate my users age so for that i put a date/time picker but how can make my bubble to make a calcul that give me his/her age

please help

ps: sorry for my spelling i’m from Switzerland

Hello, welcome to bubble!

Like this?


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Hello yes how did you do it please help me

You have access to the editor so you can see the formula.

Here it is just in case.


I have a other question for the date /time picker imput how can i change the years range bc in the year dropdown it begins from 2019 to 2024 but me i want it to start from for example to 1950 to 1990

Sorry to bother yout btw have a nice day

The date/time picker that is built-in is sorta lame. I would suggest just using an input and making it a date input like in my example or using another plugin. Hope that helps :slight_smile: