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Cad/mdt role playing gta5

I’m a little new to the cad/mdt stuff but I’m looking to get one for my server. I’m looking for either 2 things. A system I can buy and it be owned by me and nobody else or a system that someone else has but I can use. GT is “LightsOutFries6” or Discord is “Light’s The True Devil#6666”.

Hey there we have a Cad/MDT that you can use here is its link

Hi there @prestonnfries,

Welcome to the Bubble community!

Check out Terminal by Afterthought System. We are very unique in that we offer scalable plans. If your community is small, you can start off with our most basic plan that goes for $1.99/mo for 35 users, 4 departments, and 2 civilian personas per user. If your community is big, you can go with our Supreme Plan that goes for $25.99/mo with unlimited everything!

We also have advanced whitelabeling which means you can mask your domain over our system and even have emails sent from your own domain - all included in your plan!

If you’re interested you can get started at

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to shoot us a DM or send us an email at [email protected].