CAD/MDT Scammer

Hello to all role-playing associate(s)! I’m here to advise everyone that there is a individual that has been scamming individual(s) that he has interacted with. He has taken currency from individual(s) and has lied, so please if come across this individual, please report him and ignore him to the best of your ability. His Discord username is provided on the following image:

I back this he is a scammer he came into my discord tried to steal clients insted of finding his own he told one of our clients that he was going to sell him one of our cads then he scammed the dod and didnt give him his cad and just stole the dods moeny he is a scammer dont trust him

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updated photo of his profile

Thank you.

i agree i’ve known this guy before in my fivem community and he tried to scam me for a cad but i made my own after he scammed me. i can agree that this guy is a scammer.

btw here is his discord tag: Kaleb M#9442