CAD/MDT System Template

Can anyone design a free CAD/MDT System Template for me? I don’t have any cash right now, but you show me something I can use and we can work out a price, for when its done and I am in a rush to get my FiveM Server up and running if anyone is willing to help. Thank you in advanced

Its for Police, EMS, Fire, and Civs to use not just Emergency


Hello i am Ben M from hawk tech if you would like a cad/mdt join our discord we have a paid and free cad here is our link Hawk is a newly opened company we try and deliver the highest quality of cads/ mdts if you want one join our discord it is also we make logos and websites if you would like one join our discord and we can talk about it in there

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Ben I would like a new link to this cad system please reply or email me at [email protected]

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Can you resend the Discord invite please Here you go

Link expired can you set the link permanent

If you are interested in a cad please click the link below… there

Hello @autrygreg44, hope you are having a good day.

I am Stephen Cort from Lightbulb Development, a company that develops fully custom CAD/MDT applications. We cannot offer you one for free, but we have cheap prices for all our CADs. The best thing of all is we won’t we be selling you stolen DOJ CADs like these other ‘sellers’. For more info, please click below:

No thanks I’m building my own seen how all of you “Sellers” Can’t make anything to someones actual liking


That’s exactly what this category likes to hear! Great job @autrygreg44 keep up the good work!

Thanks @nicpagonis I’ll be uploading a Very different style CAD/MDT for people to check out and help them learn the basics of building one, but that’ll also be uploaded to youtube


@danielshahzad58 Militia Gaming I havn’t posted anything for Two year about to change in a couple weeks once work slows down

Unless your telling me you’ll either A. Offer free help for me to Develop my CAD/MDT or B. Offering the people viewing this post a Free CAD/MDT, if not please Remove your Ad

I will after the 10 mins past for me to message on your Server

Hello, I would like to know if anyone can make me a CAD/MDT. I dont have any money Right now but when i do i will pay you please help me if you can make me a CAD/MDT Free DM me on Discord Brayden.R#5092

Hawktech can you dm me in discord @BravoLeader#5012

Hey I am giveing free cads so just join my discord and follow the instructions: To learn more infor go here: FREE CAD [NEW UPDATE} | Just join discord and create ticket! | Modern & tons of features!

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Stop advertising on peoples post, Make your own. join that and you can get a high quality free cad quickly, FREE CAD