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Cads | DOJRP | OCRP | All For $5 | Some Cads 95% Off! | Come Look! | Sale Ends Soon

We are doing a sale, all cads are $5. Even cads that are usually $30 are only $5. We have DOJRP and OCRP, those are some of the sweet cads we have. We also have rosters and fto systems.

If you are interested in taking part in this sale head on over to Kidz Creations.


Sale ends 10/14/2020 6AM EST

Zach Wright
Founder and CEO of Kidz Creations

Sale will be extended for another 48 hours!!!

Sale continues come check out the cads!

Sale will go on for another 3 days!

Sale is still happening come check out some quality cads!