Calculate an end date depending on the number of users

Hello, i need help to calculate an ending date depending on the number of users like : initial date + (period * users ) = end date ?

Use Expression to do the math

i don’t know how convert the date to a number of days

Built into Bubble are date operations like adding intervals (and add a negative interval for subtraction of an interval from a date) .

eg something like Current Date + 1 month

Is this what you mean?

i think i solved the problem, thank you very much for your help

now i want to do repeating count down like : every 10 days i will start a new count down

This might help

I didn’t find the solution yet

Please can you explain the issue a bit clearer. I will try to help.

I want to make an automatic countdown every x days and the number of repetitions depends on the number of users, for example:
I have 5 users, I will choose 10 days as periodicity so, the countdown will start every 10 days and will stop in the last 10 days as it counts 10 days + 10 days…until the last 10 days it will will stop

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