Calculate delivery date

I’m sure this is possible with Bubble but for now I can’t find a most efficient way to calculate this myself so hopefully one of you can help me. I would like to calculate what my delivery deadline is for a task. The delivery deadline is 48h.

But it can only be delivered between working hours. Mon - Fri from 9am to 5pm. If it should be delivered outside working hours it would have to be transferred to the next nearest time within working hours.
Some examples:

  1. if I submit a task on Monday 10am it will be delivered on Wednesday 10am
  2. if I submit a task on Tuesday 7pm it will be delivered on Friday 09am (because Thursday 7pm is outside of working hours)

Can anyone help me how i can do this?

You’ll need to use conditionals based on your non-operating hours and determine with that conditional if the due date falls outside of operating hours and if it does, then schedule it for the earliest of the next operating hours…basically you need to use conditionals, it is not just calculating

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