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Calculate income and tax

I want to make an easy site with some income and tax calculator, but I can not figure how to put a formula in the expression toolbox. I see there is an app I could use but I really want my own formula that look different.
How can this be so hard? And is this even possible to do in bubble without a plugin?

I almost have it now.
It works with number of two, but not with higher numbers.

Screenshot 2021-12-30 at 23.09.11
Screenshot 2021-12-30 at 23.08.51

Here are my settings:

Hope some of you can see what I am doing wrong and suggest a fix <3

Hi there, @frk.jenssen… so, first, if it was me, I would get rid of Expression A and put the formula directly into the text element. Second, I assume the Content format of the Input Income element is currency, and I assume the format of the Input Tax_Percentage element is percentage. If those assumptions are correct, you don’t need to divide by 100. The first example you are showing will evaluate to 8 (that is, 20 * 0.4), and the second example will evaluate to 8000 (20000 * 0.4).

What you are showing in the two examples in your screenshot doesn’t look like it should be possible because the calculation doesn’t appear to be consistent. That being said, I just set up a configuration the way I described it above, and it works just fine with any numbers. So, I would simplify the whole thing a bit and see if you get the desired result.

Hope this helps.


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OMG! :raised_hands: Thank you SO MUCH for your time! This helped me a lot and it works so nice now! I am really thankfull

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