Calculated field through a workflow

Hi Bubblers,

I’m new to Bubble and I’m trying to analyse the responses to a form to populate a field. I have followed several tutorials but for some reasons I can’t do it. Can you help?

Here’s the sequence:

  1. a dynamic form,
    a)Do you like A, B or C?
    b)If C, chose between D and E
    if B, chose between F and G
    c) select your favorites among H, J, K, M

  2. the responses are text values stored in a List field “Response” of a database called “RES”
    Eg: C,E, J, M

  3. What I expect:

the responses should then be analysed to return a value in a field called “Category”.
Eg. if the result contains E and M then store the value “Red” on the same row in “Category”. If the result contains B and F and K then store the value “Green” on the same row in “Category”.

This is where I have a problem, I can’t have that rule work. Here’s what I did to save the form responses and it works:

Here’s what I did to analyse the responses and it doesn’t work:

How should I set-up the workflows (or some other functions) to calculate the “Category” values ?
Moreover, if I want these rules to be confidential, do I have to set them up in the backend workflow? Does it work the same way (programing wise) as the front end workflow? I see that there’s no preview function so how do you know it works?