Calculated Value is returning but showing as no content

Hi, I have hit a point where I can not progress without solving this issue I am having. I can not find the info I need tough not through lack of trying.

If you look in the following images you will see an input that has the return calculation value (3) from the 2 inputs above (1 +2). I now want to go ahead and save that input value in a database, I also want to use that returned value to continue another calculation. I also want to use that input box to not allow the data to be saved if its empty.

The problem I have is that the bubble recognises it as having no content. If I manually write over the value it then continues the flow as expected. But I cant me manually writing over all the values. So with no content recognised I get no data sent to database, no recognised value in the following calculation referencing this input and no trigger to allow the save button to be enabled

So, how to I get bubble to recognise that calculated value as content in that input?

Thanks all

The value is currently in the Placeholder. It should be in ‘initial content’. You might also be better off using some hidden variables to store the calculated values and then displaying them as text?

I have been looking at that on an off all day and I never noticed, Thanks.

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