Calculating Fuel Economy

Hi! I am trying to calculate fuel economy in my page. To do so I need the number of miles traveled since the last fill up. My input fields for the fuel type include odometer and number of gallons. I need the odometer reading of the previous fuel entry to calculate number of miles. How do I get this data from a previous entry to be able to calculate (odometer reading minus previous odometer reading) divided by gallons = miles per gallon? Thanks

The way i would do this is by doing a search for the last entry made using created by. Then i would pickup the previous mileage entry on the last item and use it.

Thanks for your suggestion. Can you help me here - is this what you mean ?

If so what step is next?
Just to confirm data type is fuel and a field in this type is odometer reading

Did you ever figure this out? I am having a similar issue.

Hi @ccaste. Yes I did figure this out. I have a field that shows previous odometer reading for the vehicle.


In the workflow I have a field for distance travelled and another for distance per volume (miles per gallon) so I can work out fuel economy