Calculating number of days to a date-point


I am new here. Forgive me in advance if my question sounds too obvious.

I am build a pharmacy shop online, and one of the requirements in listing a drug/medicine is to add its expiration date.
I want to create a page where only drugs close 60 days away from the expiration date shows.
Yes. I am using Repeating Group
Yes. The “Type of Content” is correct.

But I can’t seem to figure the rest out. Any help please?

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Hi there, @stevieosei… I am not Lindsay, of course, so feel free to ignore my reply, if you’d like. :wink:

If I understand your post correctly, this constraint on the repeating group’s search should do the trick.

You could also add a constraint where the expiration date is greater than or equal to the current date/time if you only want to see drugs that expire from the current date until 60 days from then.

Hope this helps.



Hey @mikeloc
This is really helpful man. Thank you so much.




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