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Calculating Overall User Average

I am creating an app that let’s users upload video and then all the other users can rate that video. I am trying to surface the Overall Average Rating for All Users (one number, i.e. a team average) and am having trouble.

This is how I set it up so far:

  • Each time a video is rated, I set up workflow that will updated the video creator’s average video rating.

  • So now each video creator has an average rating that is personal to them and saved against their User.

Now, I want to create a dashboard page that surfaces one number which represents All User’s Average Video Rating (This number would not be stored against a particular User or a Particular video).

Where would I trigger this calculation from in terms of workflow? I originally thought upon page load of the dashboard - but that doesn’t seem to be available.

And where would this number be stored against? I’m struggling - thanks for the help!

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I think this is related to the “Global Variable” question ? So you can store this on a data type that you use for this purpose.

You should be able to do it when you update the User’s score. So calculate your average in the same workflow, and update the “global” thing.

Thanks for your response, Nigel. I’m not sure I follow.

In this scenario, if I was trying to update this global variable in the same workflow that I update the User’s score, it doesn’t seem to be working for me. My only options in this workflow when I click on “Make Changes to a thing” is make changes to the Current User, Things on the Current Page, or do a Search For, none of which seem to allow me to update a Global Variable. What am I missing?

Sorry if I have confused. “Global Variable” isn’t a bubble concept, you would have to create your own.

So we could create a new data type called “totals” which just had a single row with the totals field on it.

Then you can do this in your workflow.

So the “global variable” is a single row that gets updated (you need :first item to stop bubble returning a list).

Then do your “math” in the change another field.

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Thank you, Nigel. That was it! The screen shot really helped.