Calculating "Response Time"

Hi everyone, a few weeks ago I solved how to calculate response time thanks to this forum here but I’ve now come to realize this isn’t the best way because if a conversation ends, but the user who didn’t reply to the ended conversation messages the other user a few days or weeks later, the average reply time for that user would be VERY high.

Is there any solution to this? Hoping someone could shed some light as I’ve been in this tunnel thinking of ways to solve this issue for some time now…thank you!

Maybe have a way to timeout that average. Like exclude a period if it’s over x days orrr

Have a button to end the conversation and no longer consider that message/convo as being waited on.

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You’re right! I was thinking about the x days but your comment confirmed that would work so I used custom states for the date, and it worked very smoothly! Thank you :slight_smile:

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