Calculating with 'toolbox expression' plugin

Per the above image, I’m not able to use the Toolbox Pluging (Expression) calculate to sumtotal the results from a combo of user inputs (top of page) with the Search for results from a Bubble built Data list.

Both the user page inputs and data base inputs are reporting. However, I’m unable to able to generate a expression total using the plugin.

Here is the live input / reporting page with active selections/inputs:

What have you put in the Expression?
Is the Expression “visible on page load”?

Here is a snapshot of the input formula within the “Expression Toolbox” Plugin:

I’ve also attempted to calculated a ‘Subtotal’ as follows:

Neither approached yield a methods seem to work:

@wmazurek useful screenshots :cowboy_hat_face:

Some tips:

  • Part B’s dynamic data would work fine in a Text element or Text Input, but for a Number Input it should be a number (get rid of formatted as), and should be in initial content instead of placeholder. The input’s properties are used for formatting.

  • Part A’s dynamic data in an Expression should be text of a number in javascript, so format as digits with no $ or comma

  • The app preview debugger can show you what is going into the Expression

  • No need for an Expression if can be done with dynamic data

This is awesome. Last question. For Dynamic Data formulae, how do you add parenthesis (ie: 1-x)?
Thank you.

That’s two big topics: