Calculation between hours

Hello, I need to do a calculation between two hours.
Start time and End time. I’m using the Air Date / Timer Dropper Plugin

You should be able to do something like this



In this case you are using a Calendar. I am using another plugin the Air Date / Time Dropper

It should work the same. It would read some thing like date time picker A’s value minus date time picker B’s value formatted as hours

I already performed this action and it didn’t work

What was the output? Did you get an error? Can you show what you’ve tried

sorry is that this in Portuguese Brazil
It’s like hour end less start timeHoras

Ok. Does this provide an output? Does anything show up on the screen?

I changed the way of execution.
I did the following, first extract the hour and then the minutes and pass the data to a label. So it brought results, but another problem arose, which is the negative numbers
But unfortunately it didn’t work

im also trying to do this with the plugin, always gives a wrong output unfortunately

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