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Calculation Result

So, I am trying to build an app. The part I’m struggling with is a calculation. I have Input As’number - Input Bs’number. Now, I want to know how to get the result of the calculation in input A. Input A will have the number of points a person has. Input B will have the price of something in the in-game store. Ex. I have 20 points, I am buying something that costs 10 points. I click the “Buy” button and the item I buy shows up on another page (which I know how to do). But, I don’t know how to get the result of the calculation to show up on Input A. 20pts (Input A) - 10pts (Input B)= 10pts (Input A)

What is the initial content of your Input A field?
Are you running a workflow after you click in the “buy” button? Can you share?


So, I have the calculation down, and there is a workflow after I click buy. I am just confused how to show the result on another input (preferably Input A). Or is there something you see I’m doing wrong or forgot to include? Thanks!

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