Calculations to run before table is visible

Hi everyone, hoping this one’s not too tricky.

On one of my pages I have a matrix table that is hidden and becomes visible once the user presses the button. Once visible, a number of calculations take place (with the use of an external API) and the results are shown. As you can imagine, as a matrix table there are many results 25-900 depending on the user. It can therefore take a while for all calculations to complete. The results are not stored, and will not be stored as they change often.

I was therefore wondering if it’s possible to have the calculations take place prior to the user ‘unhiding’ the table or in fact, when the user logs and is not even on the page (I presume a back-end workflow?). That way there’s a head-start so when the table is unhidden, most (or all) the calculations have been completed. Any suggestions? Many many thanks in advance.

Would it be an idea to set the API data to some “custom state” upon page-load (or some other workflow trigger you deem Just-in-time enough?) And have the table display the state?


Place an rg in a popup that you will never open to source the api data

Have the page rg source the data from the hidden rg placed in the popup

Popups are always loaded on the page so your data will be brought in :smiley:

Thanks @ivo.jonker watched a few videos but still not sure how I would do this… any examples you could share?

Hey @cmarchan - had a go, correct me if I’m wrong but it seems that I cannot source all the data from the popup rgs since it’s a nested rg (am sure you already know, an rg within an rg).

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