Calendar Database

Hi! I need to create a calendar of events that is maintained by an Admin, and then displayed on a number of user pages. Each page will display a subset of the events that pertain to a particular topic, so I am thinking of tagging the events.

Can I use one of the available calendar plugins to act as this backend database?


Hey Peter,

Most of the calendar plugins that I know of (unless they integrate with an external service such as Google Calendar) use an existing database item to display calendar events. For these plugins, you will need to set up an “event” database type yourself, but luckily this isn’t horribly complicated:

  1. Create a new database type “Event”
  2. Add a field “start” of type “date” (date is actually a date/time object, so both get captured with this)
  3. Add a field “end” of type “date”
  4. Add a “topic” field. This field can be of text or an option set, if you want to create that up. Depending on how many topics an event might have, it could also be a list.

To show events of a specific topic only, you can just set the data source of your calendar to “Do a search for… topic = SPECIFIED_TOPIC”

Hope this helps!

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