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Calendar date display

I’m using the calendar plugin in my app and am stumped. What I’m trying to do is display the date that corresponds to the selected date on the calendar on the next page. For instance, the user selects September and then the square with the 10th in it. Then tge app navigates to a new page. Well on that page I would like it to automatically display the selected date, this one being, September 10, 2016. Sorry if I’m wordy here. Any ideas? Thanks.

Why don’t you share on an open app what you’ve already tried and others can jump in (or at least screenshots)? it’s always easier to get help when you show what you’ve tried.

Thanks. I’m new to all of this tech stuff. Honestly I didn’t try anything because I don’t know where to start. But I did spend a few hours pointing and clicking on options to see what’s available.