Calendar Displaying 'Today' Twice

Hi all,

Anyone know why the calendar has two ‘Today’ buttons and two ‘navigation’ steppers?

I’ve tried using CSS with !important to hide the .fc-header-right but it still doesn’t hide it.

@eve is this something the Bubble team can fix?


I had the same issue before, this solved it: Get rid of duplicate buttons on Calendar

But yes, I do think Bubble should fix this since this seems like a bug. We shouldn’t have to do a workaround to get the calendar to work.

Hope that helps! :blush:

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Thanks a lot! shall have a read through

This doesn’t seem to work anymore - just tried it and both are still there. Even tried using !important but still didn’t work.

Ok, let me see if it works on my side.

It works for me, make sure you preview it to see the change. It doesn’t change it in the editor.

Did you get it to work? All I did was put the code in an html element on the screen and it worked.

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Thanks I’ll try that - I was putting it in the sitewide html in Settings

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