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Calendar Event Color

So what I am trying to do is set a color for events based on the priority level of that event. However even though I set the conditions as such they are all still returning Blue as seen below.

What am I doing wrong?

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You should use, and then store the color at the thing level (the HEX code).


So color should be a type? What fields would then be under color? I currently have priority as a field under task. How would I associate a color with a priority?

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It should be a field of type ‘text’.


I am still at a loss here. I created color as a field under task, of type text.

Now how do I actually save the four different color options to that task based on the priority level of the field “priority”

In NOOB terms please. assume I am 5 yrs old.

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On your task you will need a text field for colour that is set based upon the priority of your task. So when someone sets the priority, you will need to store the colour on the task. Like #ff9999. That is a fetching pink.

So when eventcolour is set to #ff9999

It shows up as fetching pink on the calendar.


Ok getting closer.

Now what is the actual workflow to store a color on the task based on the priority which is another field? I will have four possible event colors. People can change the priority at any time which will change the field.

How can I set event color so Priority level “1: Critical” is equal to FF0000?

Thanks in advance. What seems so simple is actually got me in a loop.

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Sadly the Event colour can only be on the “primary” calendar thing it seems. So you can’t refer to another thing’s data.

You would either have to duplicate the Save workflow for each priority, and set the colour directly (which is a real pain).

Or you set the colour based upon the result of a search for your priority in a new data type (which would have description and colour … so “1: Critical” and #FF0000. Look up the priority of your task on this new thing, and set the colour. I think that would work.

If you are have issues I will see if I can get it to work in the forum app.

So I set it up like this in the workflow.

It is still showing the same color “blue”. Do you see anything wrong with it?

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It will still be blue in the editor. Is it still blue in Preview when you see that task on the calendar ?

Actually I think I figured it out.

The most important thing is that the HEX value is expressed as #FF0000 and not FF0000 right

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Yes, you need the #

Working like a charm now!! Thanks buddy


Getting greedy here. Can I change the event title font. Got one color that does not show well.

The yellow. I want to change the event title font to black.

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Not really actually. We could add that, but in the meantime, maybe you can use a darker orange?

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Yeah going to have to. I tried everything in the conditions but no dice.

No worries. A small issue in the scheme of things:)

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Yeah we don’t support that yet. We could add that, I’m just worried sometime of having too many options in the interface. let us know if it’s a big limitation though.

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As a non coding Bubble programmer I have not seen an instance where I was overwhelmed by the options on an element interface. I think that you guys have shown good discipline as far as that goes. I know the temptation must be there to put every possible option in, but keeping it neat and clean is working out great.

That being said if you wanted to throw a font in for the calendar it would probably be helpful. I imagine that the calendar is going to be a very popular feature and you wouldn’t want to limit the event colors by where a white font is easily visible.

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I wonder if you can hide some of this behind an “advanced” toggle ?

Some of bubble has got pretty option rich, like the page editor, backgrounds, parallax, multiple stripes, and floating options … I hadn’t used it for some time and it took a while to get up to speed again.

The “styles” is a perfect example of where it works really well. The default setup works brilliantly for quickly getting something done, and hides the complexity well.


I like it. A way to layer complexity.

I still think that the interface is pretty clean, but as Bubble develops this would be useful from the Bubble designers point of view.

We want to provide all these features but we don’t want to overwhelm our users = Advanced Toggle.

Make it a fun name like “For those Better Bubblers:)”