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Calendar Grid Pro: Calendar Generator, Date Picker, Date Range Picker Like Airbnb, | Now at Version 1.6.1 - Fixes a Safari Compatibility Issue, minor bugfix

Update to 1.9.7, which lets Allow Blocked Date Selection work in all pick modes.

(This feature apparently wasn’t really finished. Should work more as expected now. Give it a shot.)

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yaaaaaaaaaaaaay … thaaaaaaank youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu :slightly_smiling_face: :slightly_smiling_face: :slightly_smiling_face: it works
It is hard work and great efforts … One of the best plugin that i have bought really worth it

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Hey @maja-overgaard, I’m still building the sort of feature you seek. You can kind of do it now with the Label Dates feature. Perhaps have a play around with that?

But the real solution is a different type of range indicator. I have a similar need to indicate and allow selection of date ranges that may overlap (as in the case of visualizing rate periods, for example).

It’s something I’ve made a lot of progress on, but it’s still now ready for release. I can’t commit to a definite ETA for the fancy built-in solution at the moment.


Thanks Keith! Great to her this is in progress - still a big fan of this plugin, so fingers crossed for your continuous progress on this new feature.

Hey folks: So, just popping in to let you know that development of new features for Calendar Grid Pro still continues. I’ve been working on a new method for date range visualization that allows you to visualize and select multiple, overlapping ranges.

I call these “stripes” as that’s what they look like. A broken version of this is shown in the screenshot below:

This is useful, of course, for visualizing things like bookings for multiple vacation rentals, rate periods, etc., etc.

This is something that’s been in the works for quite a while and that I made significant progress on over the holidays, but only picked up again recently. Still no firm ETA for when this will be available, but wanted to post this – in part – to kind help spur me to finish it. :wink:

Hope you are all doing well given the current state of affairs and, as I like to say, “Wash your hands and stay the fuck home!”

And – OF COURSE – I accidentally posted this to wrong thread and now the stupid forum is giving me crap. Whaddyagonnado?

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Hi Keith @keith

Was this “time gird” companion included in the end in your CG Pro plugin?

I’m looking to complete what I’ve written out here, and wondering if your plugin could help me at all.

Many thanks!

Receiving this error message when I try using “util4” function

has anyone encountered before?


Is it possible to show “Available dates” as specific dates? I am offering classes on my website that are only offered on specific dates and would like those dates to be the only dates shown as “available”.

I think the default is currently set to show every date as available unless blocked, I’d like to do the opposite of that (all dates blocked except the dates a class is available).

Any advice @keith ?


Hi @keith

EDIT: Found the solution in the workflow actions (“Block Days of week”) - thanks, this plugin is awesome!

Is there any way to automatically block specific days? Say always block Monday and Wednesdays (preferably through a dynamic input).


Hi @robbertbrouwers, thanks for using CG Pro! The “block days of week” action is how to do that. Basically, you need to execute that when the plugin is initialized and again whenever the displayed month changes.

Hi @keith

I have started to use your plugin to use in my rental app where I mainly need to calculate the price based on the date range picked. I need to be able to change price for individual dates based on the expected demand and then calculated the total price.

In the introductory video of your plugin, I noticed that your original calendar on calculated Total cost based on selected dates instantly. Is this function built in the CGP?

I reviewed all CGP functions and discussion topics but I do not seem to find anything related to how to calculate cost/price based on the input in the calendar.

Can you please point me in the right direction if I have missed something. Is there a tutorial or documentation? Thank you

Hi @liptakf: Thanks for checking out Calendar Grid Pro! So yes, CG Pro gives you the tools you need to build a pricing feature like I do in

You’ll notice that CG Pro has iteration actions and events that are just like the ones found in my List Shifter plugin.

The short version of what you do is: Once the user has selected a range, you can fire an iterative workflow that loops over the dates and (for example) looks up pricing for each individual night, computes fees/taxes/etc. and then you’ve got your price.

I’ve probably not created a specific video about this as I haven’t yet had anyone explicitly ask for it. I’d be happy to do a little video for you showing what I do in, but it may take me a day or two to get that together.

The iteration itself works exactly like how you do it in List Shifter, except that you’re just iterating over CG Pro’s selected dates. So, to get a feel for what you do (the actions and events are exactly the same as in List Shifter), check out this video, which shows you how the iterate feature works (just the first part about the Iterate feature mostly):

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Hey @keith, thank you for the super fast response. I can see now that your plugins have definitely the functionality I need.

I watched the video, however, it is a bit too abstract for me to understand how to apply it . Based on what you mentioned, what I reckon I should do, is to use element action ‘Util4: Construct list of dates from a range’ and then run element action ‘Iterate over dates’ to look up price for each date in the selected date range. What I do not understand is where the price for individual dates would be stored or coming from. Would this be coming from a list created in a database or is there another way?

Also how would you make this work if you have multiple items with each having own list of dates with prices e.g. offering single room, double room etc. Is it possible to create initially a drop down menu where an item is selected first and then element action iterates over this item’s date price list.

If you would make that video for this specific use would be fantastic. I think many more guys could use it for their rental/quotation apps.

Well you don’t even have to run Util4. Because, in date range pick mode, CG Pro already returns to you not just the selected range but the list of individual dates that comprise that range! (These appear at CG Pro’s Picked Dates List output.) And this list of dates is one of the selections for the Iterate action.

Note: Depending on how your database is structured, you may not need the iteration feature at all, but the way I do price modeling in requires it.

Anyway, the basic procedure is this:

On some condition (e.g., once a range has been picked), you fire the Iterate action at CG Pro, telling it which built-in list of dates to iterate over. In this example, I’m just doing that on a button click (for the sake of example):

:point_up: here, I’m selecting the picked dates list as the list of dates over which we will iterate.

And now you need a workflow that will execute every time the event “Iterate Over Date” is triggered:

:point_up: build your workflow here.

Inside this workflow you can access the current date for the iteration as CG Pro’s Current Iteration Date:

… the current iteration index (starting from 1):

… and we even tell you what day of the week this date is (a number from 0 to 6 with 0 representing Sunday and 6 representing Saturday):

So you can model almost any type of pricing scenario.

Thank you Keith. I will work with this information, it will take some time to trying things out.

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Same here! Would purchase the plug-in immediately and pretty sure many others would too. Or looking forward to Time Grid Pro :slight_smile:

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Hey @keith! First off, thanks for such an amazing plugin! Can’t tell you how many hours Calendar Grid Pro has saved me. I’m running into some strange behavior when trying to load more than one calendar on a single page. Are there limitations here I’m not aware of? I essentially have three different categories of blog posts, and am trying to create a dashboard with a calendar for each, with days blocked if a post of that type exists with that date. I had the calendars in hidden groups, and could get them all to appear, but after clicking on one or two, suddenly it appeared they were linked and clicking on one would trigger one of the other ones?! Now I can’t get more than one to appear on screen at once. They are all named differently, and have different blocked dates, etc. Any idea what could be causing this? Thanks in advance!

Hmmm. That’s a bit strange as CG Pro is designed to allow multiple instances in one page. First, make sure you’re on the latest version (CG Pro hasn’t been updated in a bit, so you probably are, but just check that).

Can you point me to the URL of a page that exhibits the behavior you’re seeing?

Best regards,

Thanks so much for the quick reply! I assumed it was designed to allow multiple instances, not sure what could be going on. Here is a stripped down version of the page. You’ll find a calendar under each of the journal tabs. It won’t pull any of the blocked dates from the database, but if you click around on one for a bit, and then switch to another, you’ll see some of the strange behavior (they start selected dates on each other, etc.). Thanks for taking a look.

Hi @keith,

I need to create individual users availability for example.
User A is available from monday 9am-5pm
Then allow them to be booked at slots from 9:00, 9:15, 9:30 … 4:45, 5:00

I would also LOVE this function mentioned above SO much!
And additionally, if for example User A inputs “Monday” and some timeslots, then User A’s all upcoming Mondays’ specified timeslots will be available to other Users… - is this possible using the current CG Pro? If so, could you please shed me any faint light on how? :pray:

Or… how have you been coming along with Time Grid Pro? :grin:

Thanks in advance and have a great weekend!