Calendar in a repeating group?

Hey guys, does anyone know the logic/workflow to build a multiple lines calendar, like Hotel/meeting room Calendars? Or, if not natively, could you build it as a job?

I know we have a bunch of simple calendars, like Google’s, but I need to build a calendar with all the month days as columns, and using lines to represent each room available that a user can book for X days. Very similar to Hotel calendars.

Every reservation is an event, with datein, dateout and other details. But I need to display not only 1 calendar, but 1 calendar for each room available at the company.


I’ve actually built two calendars like this. One was for a property client with room booking. The other one is my own planning tool for kids, with the calendar scrollable sideways:

~ Peter

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i have also done it before. will soon release a guide as part of my advanced bubble guides on on how to accomplish this.

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Subscribed! I’m finishing the whole system in 2 days, this is the only thing I didn’t manage to create. Still strugling with visual UI on dynamic data (everything gets heavy and slow).