Calendar performance improvement

Would it be possible that the Bubble Calendar limits its search to the current view (current day, week or month). Our clients use the calendar to view employees time-sheets and it is currently taking more than 20 seconds to load the view because it tries to search through the entire database of records to simply check the current week data.

I could limit the search of the records to the current week, but the calendar provides no feedback regarding when the users scrolls to previous weeks/months, so I cannot dynamically change the searched data and we am forced to look at the entire database.

Any way this could be implemented by either limiting the search to the start and end dates inside the actual calendar view or, alternatively, provide an action of when the user changes the dates and what are the actual dates visible.

Thank you

Additionally, a action that triggers when an element has been resized would be very useful.

Would be good if the system could recognize the current month/week being viewed to limit Search queries. I actually just had to change my calendar setup in my main app last week because of this exact reason.

Now I’m using the repeating group calendar shown here:

it provides more flexibility with design as well

Thanks for the input. I did try this approach in the past, but my clients want a weekly view and that’s almost impossible just using repeating groups.

I just seems such an easy fix (I guess) that it is a pity not to have it.

@starnapp We added a feature that allows you to refer to calendar’s current date range which is what the app user is seeing. You can add :start and :end of the date range as constraints in an repeating group.


@neerja this is great! Thank you very much for this quick turnaround! Much appreciated.

Hi @neerja,

Is is possible to do the opposite?
For example, click a date (event date) from a repeating group, and display the date in the "day calendar? or similarly, set the clicked date from a repeating group as a current date in the calendar?
Currently, I have set a workflow to display clicked date value in a group while the calendar is hidden, then linked “Date to display at first” setting in the calendar to the group, then show the calendar to display the clicked date value (from repeating group).
Problem with it is it only works once, unless I refresh the whole page.
It will be handy if I can click a date from repeating group and set the current date in the calendar