Calendar Plugin Timezone sensitivity

Hi everyone,

I am very new to bubble (and no coding knowledge), but I am in the process of creating an application that allows a user to create a profile and set their available booking timeslots on the calendar. Then on the “public version” of their profile visitors can book/pay for that appointment.

I am currently using bubble’s calendar plugin. If someone is viewing the calendar from a browser in a different timezone than the timezone that the “appointment/calendar event” was originally created, will the calendar automatically show the timeslots in the current browser timezone?

More info about the “booking system”
The timeslot is created by the user with the “date/time picker” plugin to create the events on the users calendar. When a visitor clicks the event, the event is simply pulling data from the creators timeslot (timeslots are not modifiable for the visitor and visitors cannot create “events” on the calendar) to then pay and book. The only interaction with the calendar the visitor has is to click the event/timeslot that they want to book from the Users calendar. I’ve also made it so that the events that are already booked are not visible to visitors, and the events will change colors from the users perspective if it has been booked (where the user can then click the booked event to view the visitors appointment details).

My main concern is that I don’t want a visitor from a different timezone than the user to book an appointment for a certain day/time thinking that it is in THEIR timezone when in fact it is not.

Any help or insight is welcomed!!

Thank you in advance!

Edit: Also, I have installed the “Browser timeone and locale” plugin by Keith from grupz, and I have been playing around with trying to set “states” of the calendar to pull from the browsers timezone but I haven’t really gotten anywhere with that. I think part of my problem is that the date/time picker input is how the timeslot is created so maybe that is what needs to be timezone sensitive… not completely sure on all this.

I think if you do the following 3 things, this will help you alot:

-search/read everything on this forum relating to date/time
-read up on general date/time programming concepts (youtube has alot of good videos!)
-install keith’s calendar grid pro, and become familiar with its extensive functionality

i think those things would be a great starter for 10 for you.

Hi @darius, thanks for responding. I’ve already searched the forum (before posting my question) and tried to learn about date/time and timezone concepts. I looked into Keith’s calendar and played with the demo, but was hoping to learn without spending too much $. But that’s a good suggestion of paying for a month to delve deeper into it- thank you.
I had already figured out how to get the current browsers local timezone ID and store it as a thing when a user creates the booking slot, but its more the dynamic calendar display that I am struggling with. The calendar I am using will only display “date” type data, but when I :format as the date/time picker in current browsers local timezone its stored as text (no longer “date”). And the calendar is not processing text “things” and instead is looking for “date” things.

Seems I might have to suck it up and spend the 10 dollars, delve deeper and continue my trial and error.