Calendar/scheduling in natural language

I would like to replicate the functionality in this screenshot, but I am not sure how.

You can see that the user is asked if they want to schedule a task follow-up. If they elect to, a drop-down shows several options. If none of those work, a custom choice will pop a typical calendar to choose a date.

Thanks for tips, plug-in suggestions etc.

Hey @chrismilleratx you will be able to acheive this using option sets.

If you’re familiar with how to advance date / time with +days, +months etc, you can add the relevant formula as an attribute to the option set (for natural language).

I’ve made a quick example below using a +days operator.

Timelines example

In below - timelines is the option set. Display = the natural language | days = the number of days (could be months etc.). Ignore the parentheses if you don’t have this enabled.

Let me know if you have any trouble.

Interested to hear if there are other methods out there.


Worked like a charm. Thank you!

I knew it was something like this, but your formula really helped paint a picture. Thanks for the detail

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I have one more question for you.

I have “Custom Date” as an option, and the formula added Days. What’s the best way to exclude Custom Date from the rest of the option set so it stands alone and doesn’t have “(days)” at the end of it?

Screenshot 2023-03-01 at 1.37.45 AM

@chrismilleratx - you would use conditionals to display data based on whether days is empty, in the case of the custom date option.

You can use conditionals on your workflows / display in the same way if you want to add days, months or years!

Hope that helps.


LOL. I have found so many times that the answer to Bubble stares your right in the face more times than not.

Thanks, brother. Cheers.

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No worries!

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