Calendar Toast Ui (free open source)

Toast UI is free open source MIT can be used commercially. Link to the product

Everything is already laid out classes, methods, events etc… which can be made into workflow calls so that we as end users can develop our own functionality. It looks pretty amazing and if it was tied with bubbles backend database this would be a game changer in my opinion.

I’m posting with the hope that bubble can implement a system such as this.

I think bubble is awesome and need a calendar scheduling events in my app but its really difficult to find something that is performant, fast and more importantly looks good within bubble. There is the Full Calendar but it looks dated and just doesn’t have everything we are looking for.

For the time being I’ll probably have to put my current project idea on the back shelf and work on something else that doesn’t involve a calendar (to give end users the ability to create and edit schedules with a simple system).

@jared.gibb … I am sure you would want to chime in here … :grinning:

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so, toast is sweet but not as fully featured as full calendar. what the beef with full calendar? If it’s the button styling and navigation styling, say no more. My calendar plugin will allow you to fully customize the header.

If you need scheduling, my plugin has that.

if you need a better-looking and mobile-friendly date/time picker, my plugin has that.

if you want to create a TV guide-style calendar with images instead of resource names (or both), my calendar plugin does that.

ANNDDDDD if theres something you cant yet customize but would like to do so, i take requests as i feel it simply adds to the overall quality and end user value of the plugin.

i sound like a bargain basement commercial from a store that sells it all


And, if you’re interested, @luminrabbit, we can set you up with a two week free trial and full support during that time. And if you’ll notice, when it’s about my calendar plugin, my response will be snappy!


Hi Jared,

I have no doubts about your passion (and truly believe you when you say your prompt I get it I would be too). The thing is I can’t see having to purchase it every time I create a project (the price is pricey to me).

The issue with Full Calendar (and I could be with wrong) is you can’t make changes the cost for premium is $480 and who knows what the cost is for OEM?

I think it would be a wiser move for bubble to go with something as suggested above for commercial use, which benefits bubble and the end users.

Of course this is all speculative I’m only a few weeks in and doing my best to learn fast. I feel I’m running into road blocks and for the cost of bubble these solutions shouldn’t come at an extra cost (I believe the bubble platform should be structured differently but that’s another topic all together). In any event if there’s a will there’s a way.

Keep up the great work and I wish you the great success!

If I find myself in a corner I’ll reach out.

I’d say if anyone else is interested, please let bubble know.

$60/per app or $6/month is the cost of my plugin

I had totally forgot about that license cost. At the end of the day, it’s on the end user to buy the license. Not recommending you break their rules, but they don’t check that you’ve done this afaik. You could install my plugin and realistically leave the testing product key (already tested and working) in place forever.

Again, not recommending you break the rules but it doesn’t hurt to state the facts. I haven’t paid for premium. That falls on the end user.

I’m looking into other calendars but this is the most feature rich. I’d be willing to build out an open source/free toastUI plugin if it was community sponsored!

Does toastUI have resource or timeline views?

Cause if you don’t need that, full calendar is completely free.

Sorry man I can’t do that to my end users if somehow a switch gets flipped and the lights go out on them, its my reputation that’s not something I’m willing to due.

In any event the Full calendar doesn’t seem like the right fit right now (maybe after I have a few projects under my belt and am profitable I would consider looking back into it) if bubble doesn’t have another solution by then.

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That goes without saying. I should’ve clarified end user being the bubble dev. Anyways, no worries, I just wanted to share the option.

If you really don’t like fullcalendar for now and want to have your own personal plugin, lemme know! I am for hire to build this out and hand it off to you!

perhaps the community agrees and would be willing to crowdsource the plugin to fruition to be a forever free replacement.

Perhaps someone’s already working on it behind the scenes?! :man_supervillain:t2:

Anyways again, have a great Sunday! Thanks for the insights on the shitty side of FullCalendar that I was failing to think about. :+1:


And I seriously appreciate the offer and will keep your business card on hand for sure :wink:(I wish I had your skills :grin:)

That would cool having a replacement (I’d be a supporter).

Take care,

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If you could point me in the right direction on how to deal with npm within bubble I’ll give it a try

NPM only works with bubble on the server side. You’d make a server side action via the plugin builder to deal with npm

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