Calendly API workflow

Hi !

I am currently working on a registration form that has a Calendly widget allowing users to make an appointment.

I would like to detect when the appointment is made and then allow the user to complete the registration by clicking a “finalize registration” button.

I was told that in order to accomplish this, I needed to implement an API workflow. On the plugin page, there are webhooks to retrieve account events.

I’ve never practiced this before, I’ve taken the time to go through the documentation and a few tutorials, I’m stuck because it seems nebulous.

Status :

I would be grateful if anyone has had any experience with this or at least put me on the right track.

Thanks for your help !

Here is an update further to some help I received :
Created webhook call regarding the app endpoint once but the Calendly account wasn’t correct.
Then, I correct with the good one and I have 2 errors :

  • response with error 409 : {“title”:“Already Exists”,“message”:“Hook with this url already exists”}
  • error from backend workflows : "we were unable to parse the type for this backend API. Please re-initialize detected fields
    How can I solve these 2 issues ?

Thanks again

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