Calendly-like availability

I signed up for the TopCal plugin.

I followed the instructions from the example page of the plugin.

However, I cannot get AirDate/Time Picker2’s value for any of the start/end times. This way I cannot reach the extract hour function.

Here is my setup:

I would highly appreciate any help or comment.

Have you tried making the expression like this:

AirDate/Time Pickerv2 Sun Start’s Selected date :extract hour

Since the Input can be used for multiple data types (single date, date range, etc) you need to specify that it is a Date you are using by selecting Selected Date.

If your AirDate/Time Picker is configured as a range of dates you will need to write:

AirDate/Time Picker's Selected Range :start :extract Hour

If it’s configured as Single Date, just do as @gf_wolfer suggested. :wink:

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