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California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA)

Hey there! :wave:

On my site there are two cookies. I tested it by clearing out my cookies and going to my site. I also scanned my site with a third party website to be sure.

One is ‘cfduid’ which is an essential cookie that you can’t turn off. This is created by bubble from cloudflare. The law allows for this one. I can’t turn it off.

The other one is one that I added to my site called ‘vuid’ from Vimeo. This one is optional and is, by default, turned off. I set that up in the settings of my app. Once you accept all cookies then it turns on. You can’t watch a video unless you accept cookies and I give a warning about it when you click on the videos without accepting cookies first.

So you can toggle the Vimeo cookies one.

Take a look at the screenshots for clarification:

Hope that helps a bit! :blush:

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Thanks @J805. That helps a lot. If the law is ok with this one thats ok. Do you know where Bubble provides this information?

Sorry to continue such a boring subject :wink: , just trying to understand because I still get the same results as you do once the user clicks on ‘Accept Cookies’. I get these other 4 in the list. Are they cookies? What are they? They don’t provide any information when scanned by a third party website.

I understand they should be on the list too for the user to accept or decline individually like your initial example, right?

On a related topic. Can I ask how you connected logged out users with logged in users? When my users log out they are presented with the same cookie screen again.




Hey there! :wave:

No problem. When I put my site in it shows only one cookie for my site. It’s the necessary one. I may need to double check that somehow.

Cookie Reference Material

CCPA cookie requirements

As with the GDPR, strictly necessary cookies, the ones required to make websites function, do not require consent. It is advisable to disclose their use to the website visitors, but it is not required to allow them to deactivate these cookies, if without them, the website would not function properly.

This is not from Bubble, I am still looking for the email. If I find it I will post it.

I recommend using since this is where it will tell you more details about each cookie after you run the cookie report. I have been super happy using them for my terms and conditions.

On a related topic. Can I ask how you connected logged out users with logged in users? When my users log out they are presented with the same cookie screen again.

I don’t really connect logged out and logged in users. When the user logs out, I think this should show the cookie consent screen. I think that is expected behavior. I can’t remember if mine does that or not. I think it would make sense to show it again since the user is logged out.

Anyways, hope that helps! :blush:

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Yes, that is correct, only one cookie initially, but when you accept conditions (You are going to have to use Chrome console to see this) 3 cookies are added (ie. _live_u2main, etc…). Here is a screen shot to help you,

Thanks for the recommendation. I will look at these links.

Expected behaviour is for user to accept cookies ‘only once’ when user enters website. It should not show the consent popup two times. You are asking the user two times: Hey user, welcome to our page, do you accept my terms? Bye bye user, oh and by the way, I know you are leaving my website, but do you accept my terms again? :thinking: It doesn’t make sense, at least for my users. The users are also accepting terms when they signup, so I think three times plus all the times they logout from your website is crazy if not ludicrous.

Thanks again. I think this area still isn’t clear for Bubblers: What cookies are being used in Bubble. How to build a cookie consent popup that is compliant for todays apps (GDPR and CCPA), not yesterdays apps. That includes user journeys that include logged out and logged in users. Possibility to consent or reject cookies individually. Can you weigh in on this @allenyang or anyone else from Bubble? I cannot move forward on this topic and for me these are basics for our apps to be compliant. Cookies are annoying enough for our users and bombarding users with cookies every time they login and logout even though they have accepted is just not good enough.


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Ohhhhh. So glad you pointed that out. I didn’t realize that. :blush: Thanks. I guess I have a little bit more work to add the other few cookies to my notification and Cookie Policy.

I only have the cookie consent on my main page. Once they log in, they check the check box, and accept all cookies for the site to function properly. Maybe sending the users to a different page once they log out and not show the consent there? I’m not sure how your app is set up.

So much to learn. :pensive: Thanks! Off to do more work for compliance. :blush:

I think it comes down to exactly what kind of user flow you want to build, but as far as I’m aware, the combination of the “Cookie Consent” plugin plus the cookie opt in setting I mentioned earlier in this thread should allow you to address GDPR/CCPA regulations.

To address some of the other specifics:

  • It is expected that there are multiple cookies generated under the umbrella of your site’s cookie - for example, this will also be influenced by the plugins you use. I’ve not seen a case where Terms or Privacy Policies make a specific distinction about the exact # of cookies created, only about the source / use of the cookies. (Note: I Am Not A Lawyer)
  • When a logged in user who has accepted cookies previously logs out, that is effectively a “new user” visiting the site. This feels like a more privacy-conservative way of handling privacy / cookies. There’s probably a workaround to suppress the cookie consent banner specifically in the case of a user logging out, but the default behavior today seems sensible to me
  • The default cookies that a Bubble app generates should be the ones necessary for Bubble to work. If, for example, you use Google Analytics and you really wanted your user to control whether the GA cookie is set, I think this might be possible by creating a flow with a preference the user can set which, if acknowledged, ‘activates’ GA code on a page. This is not the flow we assume Bubble app creators want if they’re using GA, so our GA plugin doesn’t facilitate this flow (if we required an app creator to build a consent flow for every plugin they use, that could very quickly get out of hand…).

So maybe @mangooly could essentially log the user out and, in the same workflow, set cookie consent to “yes” which would apply it to the new user it just created after logging out?

Yes that might work technically, but I would be careful in understanding the implications of this move with respect to your site’s Terms / Privacy Policy / etc.

True, maybe save a set state of what the user’s cookie preference is before they log out and then trigger the workflow to set the cookie consent based on the set state?

Hi @allenyang again :slight_smile: Do you know what the other 4 cookies are? I have tested this with an empty app (no other plugins). Bubble uses them, but there is no clarification of what they are being used for and why they are not initially mentioned but then used when consent is accepted in opt-in option.


Had to check with Engineering (thanks Peter!) - the 4 cookies you see are:

  • One from Bubble to mark the user’s session ID
  • One from Bubble with the session signature to prevent tampering
  • One from Bubble that tells the browser who the current user is
  • One from Cloudflare (link)

Great, thanks again @allenyang.

I’m having difficulty understanding this - what action (if any) do we need to take for our apps? Or is this a case that Bubble will handle?

Hi @rukevweb,

You first need to check if you need to be CCPA compliant. Check the links @J805 mentioned in his first post or,

If yes, then you need to take the necessary development steps to make sure your website is compliant (ie, add popup, ask users if they wish to accept or reject terms, give details about what you will do with their data, cookie policy, etc…).


Can you please let us know which cookie does what? I am looking to try to find a few details about each cookie. I need the cookie name, the purpose, the type, and when it expires. Can you let us know these details to display them for our users please? Thank you! I would really appreciate, I checked the Bubble reference and manual and can’t find the details anywhere.

For example, this one I got already:

Name: cfduid

Purpose: Used by Cloudflare to identify individual clients behind a shared IP address and apply security settings on a per-client basis. This is a HTTP type cookie that expires after 1 year.

Type: http_cookie

Expires in: 1 year


The Bubble cookies are named based on your app ID and the version (live, test, a particular version, etc.)

  1. The one with “u2” also in the name holds info about the session ID.
  2. The one with “u2” and “sig” is the session signature to protect against tampering
  3. The one with “u1” is a local cookie that tells the browser who’s the current user

1 and 2 are http cookies, while 3 is only used / read by the client (not the server; actually not sure if there’s an official name here).

In terms of how long the cookie lasts, if you have the “keep the user logged in” setting active, then the cookie expires after a year, but if you don’t, we think it should expire after just 24 hours.


Great, thank you for that! I will see if I can implement that. :+1:

Do you guys have a ccpa integration to display a webform and maybe toll-free number? I see there are lots of options on the internet for “ccpa webform and toll-free number” for searching, but it would be nice to have one that works with bubble.

Hello @juliansalama :wave:

Welcome to the Bubble Community! :tada:

I don’t know of any plugins that do this yet but that’s the nice thing about Bubble, you can add a form yourself and display a toll-free number. You can get a toll free number from iPlum.

Hope that helps! :blush:


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I created a plugin for CCPA Toll Free in less than 2 hours. This platform is amazing. CCPA Toll Free is a company that helps publish a webform and toll-free number to be CCPA Compliant. Go Bubblers.