Call an API multiple times in one workflow

Hello there,

So I have the following set-up:

*Database called Story that consists of story_output (text) ; story_pages (list of texts) and page_image (list of images)
*I have one workflow - StoryAPI call which creates a story → Story is made and the output is saved under story_output → story_output is split into multiple pages under story_pages

Now, my problem is that I have another API (imageAPI) and my idea is that it would create an image for each page, but the imageAPI only creates one image per call.

How can I manage my workflow so that the imageAPI creates as many images as there are story_pages and saves them in the Story under page_image.

You will probably want to use the Schedule API workflow on a list to activate a backend workflow for that loop of items. You pass the list into that and let it work. There are videos on recursive workflows that may help you here.

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