Call items in a repeating Grp by the id of a list

I have a problem that I can’t solve by myself for too long :weary:.
So I call for help to the community, I will try to be synthetic as much as possible.
Context => App to help organizing events between friends, the user create an event and friends can join the event.
My goal => Create lists with items in them
To Know=> A list can be personal (Only the creator of the event can consult or interact with it) or it can be public (The user and the people participating to his event can consult and interact with this list)

In my database, I have:
an “event” table with an “ID list” column;
a “Grp Of Lists” table with an “event” column;
a “Items” table with an “ID list” column

  • When I create a new list: The list ID is written in the event database
  • When I create a new item the list ID is written in the row in the “items” table

Currently I succeeded in creating lists and adding items in them, I succeeded in displaying the lists of an event but I can’t display the items related to the ID of the list!
And I’m stuck here, thanks in advance for your help

Here are some screenshots to help you understand my organization

Repeating Group Text data source needs to be filled in. With probably “ParentGroup’s Item’s text”

Edit: Actually looking close it will have to be Do a search for Items where list = Parent Group’s List: each item’s item name.

You should probably add a field to Grp of Lists that is a list of Item’s. That would make it much easier to connect.

First of all thanks for your time and your answer :grinning:

I will try to do what you suggest tomorrow. :blush:

At the base I had put the “items” in the “Group Of List” database with the attribute “List of text” in multiple entries, that gave me items separated by a comma.

However as I mentioned above there are personal lists and common lists.

And for common lists I would like users to see who took the item (hence the reason for the “take by” column) and I didn’t see how I could assign one or more items to a user (to display his picture) if the items were not separated individually. :confused:

Thanks in advance for your help

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