Calling all enterprise app builders, best practice method for user authentication when creating for some one else?

Hi All.

I have a question for all Bubblers, who are building enterprise / corporate applications which has many users and maybe a few administrators.

I am interested to know what others have implemented in the authentication of users when setting passwords for someone else?

Typically when registering for an app you can use double opt in, so they are sent a link to verify and then create a password etc.

But, if you are authentication on behalf of some one else - creating a password for them - do you invite them and including the temp password and have them change it when they first log in, or do you send them a link and get them to create a password, or do you just send them a user-name and password.

I would be interested to know what others have used in response to the clients requirements?

And I am sure it would be relevant to many Bubble enterprise app builders.

Many thanks!

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Hi @StevenM - for corp user, I send them email to their corp email account with temp password and link to login. When they login, I know it’s their first time logging into the app (I create a “first time user logged in” data field in User) so I trigger workflow to force them to immediately change their password. Once successfully done, I update their User profile, both the flag that they’ve logged in first time and also changed their password (2 fields). Hope that helps.


Great, Thanks!

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