Calling all experts: Responsive Layout based on screen size

Hi all!
Is it possible to create a rule (condition) that changes the type of responsive layout (align to parent to column) based on the size of the screen? I know I can hide elements based on screen width but I want to show all the elements but not have them overlap once the screen size is below 500. Please help :slight_smile:

I think you can control the responsiveness of any element based on the screen size. And you can do it live by selecting responsive tab.

You will need to use the conditions for the element in condition tab, to change for different device type

Hi there, @ashleyduque… you can’t change the layout via a condition, but if you set things up “correctly” from a responsive perspective (whatever that means for your app, and there are plenty of videos out there that should help), elements should not overlap on smaller screens.



Mike, I haven’t seen that to be the case in align to parent layouts. They overlap unless I remove an element at a specific screen size rather than changing the layout to not overlap. Can you please explain what you mean for setting up from a align to parent perspective that wouldn’t cause overlap on smaller screens?

Nope, I can’t because I have never used that layout. Sorry, but columns and rows are the only way to fly, in my opinion. Maybe someone else can chime in, though.

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