Calling OKHI API for address submission and verification

I have been trying to call OkHI collect for me to submit user address collected from my bubble app to them for verification. Unfortunately, I have not been able to call it successfully from my app. Kindly if any of you guys could have any idea of how I can call it using javascript tool box or Html element?

I used Html element to call the javascript from the page. After inserting the client key, I got to the address collection page, and submitted the address and user details, but I was not able to submit to the server. I just want to know how I can make a complete call to actually collect and submit to them after using the production keys I have.

Kindly refer to the attached images to see the sample API call from OkHi, and the HTML element from Bubble where I used the code.

Below is the link to their integration documentation,


@gerbertdelangen kindly help take a look. Your input will be much helpful. Thanks