Can A Plugin Instantiate a Bubble Element (or Group of Elements)?

I have a shiny new plugin that is mostly a graphics element. Currently to use the plugin I add it as an element and then add another element that is a configuration popup with a few sliders and checkboxes. That then can be used to configure the contents of the plugin.

If I add more than one plugin element I also need to add another config popup. That’s fine for one or two but what if I want 10 or 100 plugins? I don’t want to have to add and link 10 or 100 popups.

Is there a way for the plugin itself to instantiate a copy of the popup and have that popup configure the popup that instantiated it?

I guess the easy answer would be to add the popup to the plugin but then I lose the ability to design and tweak the popup in Bubble (since it would be part of the plugin).

I hope this makes some sense.

I’m not an expert in creating plugin, but some plugins used ID to referred to it. Maybe you can ask the plugin creator if it is possible? If I understand your question, is about having only one element (the plugin) in your page, and then referred to it with some other element? If the case, right now, you have no choice to add the element each time.

Thanks John. At the moment I am copying and pasting the plugin (in a group) and manually incrementing an ID. It’s working but tedious. I have done away with the need for multiple config popups now by making a single popup write to a thing that the plugins read from.

A more generic way of asking would be to say: “how can programmatically create elements?”.