Can a user (employee) upload files for specific customers?

Hello fine people!

Customers and Employees have separate dashboards…

In the Employee dashboard, there is a repeating group with a list of customers.

When the button is clicked, I send the data about the current cell to a new page with the file uploader element.

Is there a way to upload a file and tie it to the specific user whose button was clicked?


Hello @Buddha

You need to establish if you are dealing with three different objects (customer, employee, user) or whether you are dealing with only one (user with role customer or with role employee).

Then you may want to create an object called file with at least two field. One for the owner of the file (be it a user, be it an employee, be it a customer … or a user with role employee …or a user with role customer) and the second for the actual file. Create it or update it on click of something.

The above is just one way of doing things.

Hope it makes sense.:smiley:

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Thanks for your response.

I did it another way before seeing your post. Thanks again.

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