Can a user make a form that has conditional logic in

My app idea allows users to create their own forms using conditional logic. doesn’t seem to allow a user to do this easily. It seems to be difficult and very complicated build. Is there anyone who has created this or has an idea how to make this?

It seems I could use typeform, to use the form but of course there are limitations in terms of cost as well as other compromises.

Has anyone done this in native

Hey there, I have done something similar native bubble to what you describe. Because you would be having your users create custom content, it is always going to be a little bit complex but it is possible.

For my use, I had users of the app be able to generate assessments with different types of questions (slider, likert, free response, dropdown) and then order those questions. It worked something like qualtrics or surveymonkey, if that makes sense.

How are you thinking of implementing it?

You can do this check out - built on Bubble

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Hi Lucas:

I think I’ve figured out how to get the users to make the forms, but it is super clunky at the moment. They basically define the type of question and they create a database for that form on the fly. The thing is that it is clunky - I’d want a more polished user experience so I’m not confident releasing it in the wild.

What is stumping me is the conditional logic - how would a user define the conditional logic in a form he has made himself? This is many orders of magnitude harder. I’d prefer to use something off the shelf because building it would be exhausting.