Can an backend workflow trigger a database trigger event?

I have a backend defined API workflow named “Foo” which makes a change to a field value of a datatype XYZ.

i.e. “XYZ has a yes/no field”

I have a backend workflow defined database trigger event named “Bar” which, when a database change occurs to the field XYZ, sends an email.

If I have a button which calls “Foo” and I click it, should I expect “Bar” to run (due to the changed field trigger) and therefore results in a sent email?

If not, where is this documented?


Presumably database triggers are triggered by any change to the Thing in question. Are you saying you see that they are not? Or are you just asking a question that is easily answered by your own testing?

Let me be specific.

  1. I have a type “Users” which has a string field “Verification ID”.

  2. I have a backend workflow which, when run, calls an external API and populates the user’s “Verification ID” field.

  3. I also have a database trigger event defined as a backend workflow, which is suppose to run when User type is changed.

However, when my workflow (#2) runs and updates the User’s verification ID string, the database trigger does not run.

Now that is interesting. How do you know?

By looking at the logs. A button in a normal workflow that changes the type resulted in activity in the log and the expected database trigger event.

The same button when hooked up to a backend workflow that makes the exact same change did not appear in the log and the database trigger event was not run.

Interestingly, running the exact same thing the next day seems to now show up in the log and runs the database trigger, so I have no clue changed, but it now works 🤷🤷‍♂️