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Can anyone help me find network graph plugin/functionality?

Hi wonderful people!

I’m looking to include network graph functionality in my app, i.e. the ability to create nodes and connect them together with links/edges. Wiki article: Graph theory - Wikipedia

Does anyone know of means/plugin for achieving this?

Thank you!

Something as described in this post? [Hiring] Freelance d3 Library Developer - Large Project - Hourly or Fixed - $40-120/hr (DoE) - With Future Work

Thanks for the reply! Something quite like this, yes – they’re building a tree which is a subset of a graph. It looks like they’re using d3, a JavaScript library and embedding. This is a possible solution for me, though I would love to be able to go the NoCode route. Thank you for the help!


I m searching the same thing…

Let me know if you find what you’re looking for!

How did you manage ?

I’m still drawing a blank – however I’m part of a startup course (Founder.University) and they have a Bubble representative, so I’ve posted a question and will let you know if they have any pointers!

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Our group is presently working on a plugin solution for adding a d3 tree chart. We are about 75% complete. We plan to introduce it as a free plugin and hope to make it available next week.


Ok thank you both.

Maybe Oliver and I could test it before release if needed testers.

I asked @joao1997domingues but he has no free time. His old plugin may help us to find a solution (not avalable anymore)

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Hooray! What exciting news! Thanks in advance!

Out of interest, what are you building?

A social network. Not easy to build… what about you? We can talk in private but i dont know how to…

Shoot me a message here?

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The “d3-plot” plugin version 1.0.0 has just been released into the marketplace. It is released as a free plugin with one element which is a tree/graph. It has a very specific data structure that must be followed. The Data Type must have a name field and a reference to the parent node on the data structure as shown in the Data Type image below::

Screenshot 2022-11-23 9.58.15 AM

The root node must have an empty value in the parent node field as shown below:

Property Editor:
Screenshot 2022-11-23 9.57.52 AM

Data Type: The data type to be used in the Data property
Data: The data to be displayed
Parent Field: The field that represents the parent node. This must be the same Data Type as the Data Type defined above (in this case the “Parent” column is also a TreeMap)
Label Field: The field that is used to display the text label. This must be a field on the Data Type defined above (and it must be a text value).
Node Spacing: This property allows you to change the distance between nodes

Also changing the width in the layout tab will cahnge the width property will change the svg width of the tree/graph.

We haven’t had a chance to add documentation or update our demo app but hopefully the instructions here are sufficient. It doesn’t have any fancy features presently, but we are open to working on it further if there is a specific request for functionality. If you find a bug let us know but we don’t have the time to troubleshoot the inner workings of your app. Please provide sufficient details if you would like us to review the issue.


Hooray, thank you! I’ll install and begin experimenting!

Hi there! Thanks again so much for making this plugin! I’ve got started and have run into a problem. It seems that when I create a tree with more than one branch that has its Parent as the Root, it doesn’t display.

See above screenshot – this yields a blank screen in preview. If, however, I set the Parent of Branch 2 as Branch, it shows up fine.

Any ideas?

Additionally (this may be to do with the workflow tool rather than the d3 graph plugin, so please let me know if so), when I try to create a new branch upon a button press, it keeps asking me to add logical operators etc. when I simply want to populated the parent field with arbitrary text – any ideas?

Thank you for the feedback. We will try to take a look at it this tomorrow and provide support.

There was a bug that you found in the initial release. We have pushed a patch to correct that issue.

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Here you need to set the Parent = to a TreeMap not an abitrary text. You can set the group thing on the design page or you could “Do a search”.

A few other minor notes. Your table can be called anything (it doesn’t need to be TreeMap) and you need only two fields Parent / Name. We added “NewName” only for testing purposes.